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Re: [DS2] Grav dropped vehicles...

From: jfoster@k...
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:32:05 +0000
Subject: Re: [DS2] Grav dropped vehicles...

>1) Grav units may be inserted from orbit (as size 1 vehicles are).
>Grav drive allows the unit to slow and maneuver as it flies to
>the ground. 
>Using this PSB, grav vehicles should operate as VTOLS or 
>even aerospace craft as desired.

This is the old Traveller rationale. However, I would think that any
vehicle moving slow enough to not need special heat sheilding would be a
duck for standard anti-air or air interception assets.

>drive becomes more efficient as it gets closer to the ground
>and uses it to cushion/slow the fall, but cannot "fly".
>Using this PSB, a grav vehicle should be able to make a
>pop-up attack (ala Stargrunt).

If I'm following, this would allow essentially dead drops (requiring
shielding of some sort) with the grav kicking in at a few miles up to
slow the 
landing to a livable jolt?

>3) Grav units are as restricted as any other vehicle in drops. 
>PSB: same as #2, but with a far greater diminishing returns curve.

Doubtless the best choice from a playability/minimizing arguments point
of view. 
However, I'd personally favor #2, as I've always seen grav more in the
light, but the idea of flying tanks as a bit much.... or at least
upsetting to 
the "traditional combined arms warfare with bigger guns" style that the
are trying to

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