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JUMP: into the unknown

From: "Galen Thies" <fldmrshl@h...>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 09:41:02 CDT
Subject: JUMP: into the unknown

     After reading a couple of glowing reviews on the web, I just picked
the premiere title from "Evil Polish Brothers" called JUMP: into the
(its almost worth buying just for the sake of the designer's name).  On
game's website the game bills itself as the "ideal" 
campaign system for starship miniatures battle games. After opening the
I have a few comments.

     The map sections are quite nice similar to the card maps provided
B5W.  There are clear plastic sheets with terrain/planets on them.  I
was a 
bit concerned with the warning tag stating that the pastic sheets must
stored between the thin paper sheets they came with in order to avoid 
damage.  This seems a bit much to expect from a bunch of tired gamers
a long session.  The fleet and system ownership counters are constructed
black card stock.  The fleet cards are provided with plasic feet that
them to stand upright. The foil-stamped method results in nice, bright 
looking counters but the design is all but undiscernable on the fleet 
stands-- the differing colors prevent this from being a major problem. 
political status markers are tiny(card disks about twice the size of a 
pencil eraser)!  They're just too small for my taste-- finding them on
carpet can be quite a challenge, especially if you have vision like

     I plan to play my first game this weekend.  After reading through
rule book 3 times, the rules seem fairly straightforward.  Basically,
fog of 
war is achieved throught the use of fleet counters.  The contents of a 
particular fleet are secretly tracked on well-organized record sheets 
maintained by the players.  Combat is rather similar to Twilight
with a few twists (I really bought the game to be a basis for my
games anyhow).	One novel element I liked was the diplomacy system.  All

planets are assumed to be inhabited before game start.	Players choose a

racial "alignment" at game start and whenever a new system is explored,
die roll is made to determine how that race reacts to the "new neigbors"
this ranges from alliance to xenophobia.

     I imagine that the fleet sizes suggested by the rule book (20 ships

max) may be a bit high unless larger ships are assigned size numbers
than 1 (although fighters are counted as ships in the rules).  Also, 
provision must be made for standardised surface unit size for
etc.. I don't see either of these being any great impediment to using
mechanics for campaign games.

     I will post a few notes on gameplay after getting a few under my
I strongly suspect sooner or later, the mechanics from this game will
end up 
being transplanted onto my Twilight Imperium games and some cross-breed 
being used for my group's long-envisioned grand campaign game.

Kindest Personal Regards,
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