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Re: [OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?

From: Brad Carlson <7sg@l...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 20:33:33 -0700
Subject: Re: [OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?


[various stuff deleted throughout]

> 2) Brad (Mr. Carlson?) - Two comments.
> First, congratulations on having launched a new game. It is a grand
> and I look forward to seeing your work at a convention.


> Perhaps you'd
> consider attending GZG ECC IV and running a demonstration game? That
> allow many of the listers to see Starship first hand. <This is just an

Where and when?

> Second, I hope no one here has come across as offensive or combative.
We gzg
> listers do sometimes come across a little bit bombastic

naaaa. Strong opinions are part of the territory.

> but we try to be
> well behaved in general. I can see how it might seem people are
picking at
> your creation - not so (or at least not with any intent to do harm). I
> choose to think of it as trying to understand how your system differs
> what it offers.

So taken.

> In some cases, we may object to a particular
> characterization of FT based on your admittedly limited experience -
many of
> us have been involved in this community for years now and have a much
> developed sense of what the FT system is about and the values Sr.
> games espouse. But we (generally) don't mean any harm. We just don't
like to
> be told what FT is or isn't <*grin*>.

Understood. I have, admittedly, been a bit out of the loop -- most of my
for the last 2-3 years has been demos and playtests of FSG stuff, not
deep into other game systems.


> Hopefully, in return, Brad is clearer on the fact that FT is more
> than he initially may have seemed to suggest.

Very true.

> Best of luck, Brad! Thank you for taking the time and effort to
outline some
> interesting facts about Starship!. Hopefully people will check it out
> find out more. Remember too, it is in its early stages and FT is
> it is quite likely that given a version or two, any hidden or
> flaws can be moderated.
> And thanks again to Oerjan for standing up for the "real" nature of FT
> those of us on the list know it!
> :)
> Tomb

And my thanks to all as well.


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