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Re: [OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?

From: Glenn m wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 23:24:49 EDT
Subject: Re: [OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?

Great summation.  As a confirmed ground pounder gamer - "Look. 'Admiral'
you clear the aerospace envelope, and get us dirtside.	We'll get you
your nice pretty Starport so the heavies can come down.  Of course I
can't promise it won't be bent a little.  You navy guys can be
right?" I have followed this thread quite closely  and feel that no foul
was intended (although the problem of lack of 'virtual body language'
me concerned a few times.)

Now, I won't be buying your game, but then I don't own FT either.  I
think there is a place for your game in the market and if you don't make
bad business decisions that drive you out of the market (Like
Commodore/Amiga and Atari PCs...) you should go well.  This looks from
your description to be a good tournament game (which I have never done
and don't plan to start.  It also looks like a good lead in to a SFRPG.  

Glad to see your product generated such interest on such a proprietary
oriented list.	I don't think most of the comments on the list were
intended as attacks.  This group, like the eGroups SFCONSIM-l group, can
be pretty technical focused and intensely interested (to the point of
making someone in your situation feel like they are under the microscope
- or dissecting blade - but it is in the interest of good gameing.

The local cons allow for "anything historical and anything miniatures" 2
of 3 times a year.  "Here" is Saint Louis, MO, USA.  Demo games are
certainly welcome.  Interested?  If so write me off list.

Again, welcome, hope to see a lot of your posts on space SF stuff. 
Wander 'down' to the ground dome too.  It can get lonely being a DS2'er

Gracias, Triphibious/Glenn
Triphibious Marines = Nektons.
Not all Frogs are French, or even Human!
Nektons, be all the Marine you can be!
Resistance is EVERYTHING!

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