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[OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 20:04:20 -0400
Subject: [OT] Starship - perhaps a last thought?

Perhaps we can close out this thread on a positive note:

1) Oerjan - as our primary number cruncher, standard bearer, and
occasional prickly-pear, you make a very cogent defence of FT including
refuting some apparent misconceptions Brad seemed to have about FT (or
least, so it came across). I think you and others have effectively
out the game has always been marketed as having a sort of
feel to it, and that in many ways, it is very flexible in allowing
to come up with their own designs/races (while living within the rules
strictures). And of course, pointing out that players will do as they
and rules be darned. Thank you for your comments! I believe Brad may
have a
better perspective on how this community sees FT as a consequence. 

2) Brad (Mr. Carlson?) - Two comments. 

First, congratulations on having launched a new game. It is a grand
and I look forward to seeing your work at a convention. Perhaps you'd
consider attending GZG ECC IV and running a demonstration game? That
allow many of the listers to see Starship first hand. <This is just an

Second, I hope no one here has come across as offensive or combative. We
listers do sometimes come across a little bit bombastic but we try to be
well behaved in general. I can see how it might seem people are picking
your creation - not so (or at least not with any intent to do harm). I
choose to think of it as trying to understand how your system differs
what it offers. In some cases, we may object to a particular
characterization of FT based on your admittedly limited experience -
many of
us have been involved in this community for years now and have a much
developed sense of what the FT system is about and the values Sr.
games espouse. But we (generally) don't mean any harm. We just don't
like to
be told what FT is or isn't <*grin*>.


I would hope that everyone on the list is now clear on what Starship
- a quite flexible race/ship creation system with (it would appear) more
permutations/options than FT. Balance is (if we take the initial
not a tremendous problem - min/maxing seems minimal. Suffice to say that
until some of our people play the game, this is the best understanding
likely to have. Perhaps someone will buy a copy of Starship! and write
the a
critical review to contrast and compare? 

Hopefully, in return, Brad is clearer on the fact that FT is more
than he initially may have seemed to suggest. Whereas it may not offer
so many apparent options, it could hardly be called inflexible or
restrictive. And the FT playtesters have been through many iterations of
rules-that-didn't-see-the-light-of-day to root out balance issues. It's
fast, fun game. 

Undoubtedly, Starship! is probably an interesting game, worth a look
or a game or two. Obviously, it offers the players flexibility and
and texture. I think Brad said it best when he pointed out that both
appear to have their strengths. This is part of a live-and-let-live
which is the best way to look at these types of dialogic issues. 

As an old AD&D DM who has bent, folded, twisted, and mutilated every
TSR ever put out, I can say that there is always someone who wants to
a system, no matter how good, no matter how complex. There are systems
greater and lesser flexibility and greater and lesser balance. FT offers
degree of flexibility, a spirit of sportsmanship, a willingness to let
purchaser do what he or she wants with the game. FT is fast, fun, and
has a
devoted following. Starship! is obviously a different experience,
worthwhile in its own accord for its different flavour. 

As long as we can all see that there is more than one way to approach a
and each method comes with its own pros and cons, there is no reason a
variety of these games can't be successful, each offering a different

Best of luck, Brad! Thank you for taking the time and effort to outline
interesting facts about Starship!. Hopefully people will check it out to
find out more. Remember too, it is in its early stages and FT is
it is quite likely that given a version or two, any hidden or
flaws can be moderated. 

And thanks again to Oerjan for standing up for the "real" nature of FT
those of us on the list know it! 


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