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Re: [OT] Starship vs FT

From: Brad Carlson <7sg@l...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 16:46:23 -0700
Subject: Re: [OT] Starship vs FT

Laserlight wrote:

> From: <>
> >
> > Groan . . .  the recent posts regarding Starship are exactly
> what I hoped
> > wouldn't happen.  I must apologize to the list for
> inadvertently starting this
> > thread.  <snip> I didn't expect Brad to
> > begin a series of posts to the GZG Mailing list attempting to
> prove the
> > superiority of Starship to Full Thrust.
> It hasn't been all that disastrous.  Starship! probably IS
> superior to FT is some respect--if I was interested in a "there's
> a different race on every planet" type of universe, for example,
> then it sounds as if it has some good ideas.	And I didn't think
> Brad was "defending" so much as "explaining."  It's hard to tell
> someone's tone of voice over e-mail.

Thanks for your confidence. My intent has been to be open and friendly
in my posts.

It is, I admit, easy for these sorts of discussions to escalate

> Brad, FYI in case you didn't know, Oerjan is one of our resident
> analysts, a top playtester for FT Fleet Book 2 (among others) and
> contributed in some unspecified (or perhaps "specified but not in
> the last week and my memory is struggling") but major way to
> Starfire's design.  So he has some experience in the field.

Cool! In that case I shall go back and re-read his comments with greater

> All hands--when there's a new person on the list (and I can think
> of other recent examples besides Brad) perhaps it would be as
> well to give a little introduction as to our expertise?  Some of
> us are math-challenged, absent-minded, introverted teenagers
> (that's me--and has been for 25 years), but some of us have a
> little more impressive credentials.

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