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Re: Starship! and FT, from the author

From: Brad Carlson <7sg@l...>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 23:05:56 -0700
Subject: Re: Starship! and FT, from the author

Thank you for the pointer.

If you take a look at Starship!, I think you will see that these sorts
of conversions are much easier.
Your URL includes a lot of fan-generated optional rules and rule
additions to make these races work. This is fine, but the same can (and
has) been done with other  systems, like SFB.

The problem I had was that they are unofficial, and somewhat arbitrary.
If someone was holding a FT tournament at a con, and you wanted to bring
in a fleet using non-official rules, good luck!

And many systems, like SFB and BF Gothic, don't allow custom ships at

What we were trying to do was make a game system where the ability to
recreate your favorite race, IS official, and universally acceptable to
anyone playing the game. It is, to my knowledge, the only system that
you custom design your race and your ships.

If FT works for you, if you are happy with it, and feel no need for
something more flexible, by all means, stick with it.



Greg Wong wrote:

>      Hiya!
>      My name is Brad Carlson, and I am the primary author of the
>      And I don't see any chapter anywhere on creating your own race,
with its own special abilities and unique weapons.
>      Yes, the system is open enough to give you some flexability, but
with the limited weapon choices, it does not seem to me like you can
really capture the flavor of your favorite race. Just my opinion --
>      You CAN do that with Starship! In fact, you have to -- there are
no "standard" races.
>      Have I missed something? Or were these Federation, B5, and
Gallactica ships created "outside" the rules.
> You are correct that your mileage may vary. Here is a URL that
> links to FT conversions to other sci-fi genres.
> --Greg

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