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Re: [FT] vector point balance

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 12:05:20 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] vector point balance


 >>And that would be the crux of the matter. Your opponent isn't going
to let
 >>you sit at that range (if they've got any brains), at least not on a
 >>regular basis.
 >Rather depends on your relative thrust rating, eh?  An Alacrity BC
 >8, Beam 4) vs anything without fighters is a game that takes a while,
 >only ends one way.

I think this may be coming down to the individual ways we allow set-ups
in the game. The first game may well end as you state here, but as we
no speed limits at start up the second game would probably see the 
opposition (or a good portion of it) belt in at speed 70 for one quick 
thump before leaving...

 >> You've still got to decide where you're going to fire. Against the
KV I've
 >> found it very effective to have two equally strong wings come in
 >> them from opposite sides - they can either turn half each way and
 >> fire or only concentrate on one wing while the other hammers them.
 >The logic here eludes me.  You come in from both sides, either I face
 >sides (and I have parity--or better, if I'm paying for fewer arcs) or
 >ignore one side and maul the other.

OK maybe we're just the weirdest FT players in the universe and we'd get

our butts kicked as soon as we cross the straight < all too possible 
;) >...but so far when people have tried the first option above against
their fire hasn't been as effective as they expected because its too
to damage all the ships they want as much as they want. Whereas when
tried the second option they got rid of their first 'big' target and a
escorts but the second 'big' target was untouched coming into the next 
round. Either way the next time I ran into them they had at least some 
weapons with multiple arcs suggesting that 1-arc alone did make them
safe. But like I said maybe that's just the way we play, feel free to
in with Tom and I in a years time and you can hand me my head on a plate

 >I'm saying I wouldn't design a 1 arc B3 ship for cinematic, but I
would in
 >vector.  Therefore you might have to design enntirely separate fleets
to be
 >efficient in both venues.

Quite probably, I don't play cinematic enough to judge - though I'd
that workhorse fleets fair well in both (the ESU seemed to come out as a

favoured fleet regardless of the movement system used).

Have fun


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