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Re: [FT] Vector v Cinematic Poll Results

From: stiltman@t...
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 11:20:47 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] Vector v Cinematic Poll Results

> Both movement styles saw the games end at about the same "thwacked 
> point"  (much vapourised and heavies not too healthy).
> However as we have probably all guessed by now it happened an awful
> faster in vector.

This is one thing I've observed in FT2.5 that wasn't the case in FT2: 
weapons are simply deadlier than they used to be.  Screens are at more
a premium than they were, and the weapons that you needed to penetrate
are less expensive, both in terms of points costs and in the
tradeoff you needed from single arcs, dogfight weaknesses, or whatever. 
FT2 you saw ships get killed halfway quickly, yes, but they were killed
smaller numbers.  Now, with salvo missiles, plasma, weaker screens,
ranged pulse torpedoes... things just die faster.  Ships pretty rarely
survive more than a turn or three once the ordnance really starts

One side amusement that I noted before:  nova cannons and wave guns
don't do anywhere near as much damage as they should in this new system.
cost it takes to fire one (no maneuverability, all other weapons can't
fired in the same turn, loss of some or all screens) is great enough
at least some of the rules for them probably ought to be tweaked a bit. 
about the same mass (albeit with screens remaining effective) you can
about the same power in plasma bolts and don't have to shut down most or
of your other systems in order to fire them.  Either the old genre
should do more damage or some of their restrictions ought to be removed.

Of course, since it's something of a house rule to allow them in the
place, I suppose those of us who _do_ use them probably can deal with
this. :)
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