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RE: Kra' Vak & Phalon Color Scheme

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:24:39 -0400
Subject: RE: Kra' Vak & Phalon Color Scheme

For Kra'Vak, I might suggest a somewhat simplified color-replacement

Start with a standard camo design.

Replace 	With
Red		Black
Orange		Dark Red
Tan		Dark Red/Dark Orange
Yellow		Dark Orange
Lt Green	Bright Yellow
Dark Green	Medium Yellow
Dark Blue	Dark Green
Bright Blue	Dark Blue
Dark Blue	Medium Blue
Light Purple	Light Blue
Dark Purple	Very Light Purple
Light Purple	White
White/Grey	Stripe White/Black 
		 (Glo paint if available)
Black		Random Medim to Dark color
Small bits of contrast color should be added in random very light or
dark color (replacing black spots in Human camo).

For Phalon, I am tempted to suggest various flesh tones, but I will
(or did I?). I think that light green for the "nose" and pearlescent
(Light Blue/PurpleYellow highlights). As beth suggested, think
Alternatly, you could use all browns/tans (think snail).

Brian Bell  

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> wrote:
> >>> I have painted my Kra' Vak ships in a gloss red with red shading 
> and black zebra stripes.
> >>Sounds cool!
> > I have my Renegade Legion... uh, I mean, _Alarishi_ tanks painted 
> black, lunar grey and dark red in a tiger strip pattern.  Don't know 
> how realistic tiger strips would be, but at least the colors should be

> okay for a moon of a brown dwarf orbiting an M star.
> > I was under the impression KV saw in ultraviolet. <
> Oh? Kinda fits neatly in with my KV paint scheme: French blue on top, 
> sky blue underneath, engine details picked out in black and gold, tips

> of K-guns in silver, sensor dishes in copper. No pretense at 
> camouflage (to a human eye, anyway), but they look good.
> No Phalons, though, I'm afraid, but my Sa'Vasku ships (all three of 
> them) are pearlescent pale green with dark green, red, blue and/or
> spots, with yellow and black highlights here and there.
> Phil
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