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[FH] Battle report

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 00:20:52 -0400
Subject: [FH] Battle report

My 11 year old wanted another battle (and the Lafayette
campaign...) so tonight he took a Markgraf, a Richthofen and a
von Burgund. vs my Bologna plus a pair of Suffrens.  I really
expected to get pasted again, but my maneuvering worked a little
better this time.  My fighters moved in and polished off the
Markgraf in two turns, then started gnawing at the von B.  My
Bologna went left, the Suffrens right--of course he turned to
attack the Bologna, with the result that the Suffrens were able
to slip in behind the von Burgund.  I had a few "Beth" missiles
in my mix, but it's hard to miss a von Burgund traveling 6-8mu
so the FSE did okay overall.  The Markgraf was destroyed, the
von Burgund was badly hurt, the Richthofen was scratched; on my
side, a Suffren had taken two thresholds from Beam-3 at long
range, and my Bologna had taken 1 hull.

1) maneuverability is much more effective in Cinematic than in
2) speed 2 in cinematic is really lousy.
3) FB1 ships definitely need more ADFC..

--Chris  DeBoe

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