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Re: UNSC Starships

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 08:59:53 -0400
Subject: Re: UNSC Starships

From: "Roger Gerrish" <>

> I see two forces behind the UNSC,
> 1) The Mega-Corps for the finance  and 
> 2)  the Gilderstein Foundation for the Hi Tech.

I think the GF probably remained highly partisan (toward New Israel)
the development of FTL.

> The Gilderstein Foundation 'think tank' after achieving its 
> prime goal of providing a secure home for the Jewish people 
> would carry on developing leading edge technology. 

"After achieving its primary goal?" There are those in New Israel who
argue that even in 2194 that goal has not yet been fully met. :-/

>Rather than this being sold on the open market to one of 
> the major powers, It could be that it is in fact fed to 
> the one force dedicated to maintaining the peace ie. 
> the UNSC. Assuming that 'New israel' (Epsilon Indi) is a 
> core world then the UNSC would indirectly become a force 
> dedicated to protecting the Jewish people from renewed 
> aggressions From the great powers.

That is an interesting alternate history for New Israel from the one
been working on. It makes NI a much more minor player and basically
protectorate and/or tech-lab for the UNSC. I wanted NI to be a small but
strong local force, so I took them more in the direction of the
spirit of the Chalutzim and a militant, somewhat paranoid, new-world

> After the Second Holocaust, I don't expect the Israelis would
> exactly have a great deal of faith and trust in the put
> it mildly.

That too. After the destruction of Old Israel, the rebuilt nation cannot
aford to rely on anyone else to be their protector. That's not to say
can't be strong alliances (e.g. Japan, a primary contributor to the GF
current major venture and trading partner). Plus, since it's also true
Epsilon Indi is located closer to Sol and the Core than many of the
Colonies, and is also along the coreward line of the KV incursion (Using
Nyraths admittedly unofficial starmap as a guide) the defensive needs
and he
UN and NI seem to be converging at the and of the 22nd century.

Roger,	my take on NI and its relationships with the other FT powers are
at The rest of the list is
bored seeng the URL.


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