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Re: Crowbars

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 22:39:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Crowbars

>>I read a novel a few years back (don't remember title) in
which Earth was
>>pasted by an alien race.  Actually, Earth getting pasted
happened in the
>>first chapter (they hit us with a big rock at near
lightspeed) - and the
>>story was about the (very few) survivors.  Turned out that the
>>didn't bear us any particular malice, they just figured that
in the end,
>>any species capable of interstellar expansion would become a
threat to
>>species survival 'cause any species that fights its' way off
planet is an
>>agressive one, so they'd better whack us before we figured out
to whack
>>them.  We hadn't made it out of our solar system yet, but they
had received
>>our tv broadcasts, and saw in our popular "science fiction"
that the galaxy
>>was filled with either human-like races we befriended, or
>>races we warred with.  And humans were always leaders...  So,

Sam Reynolds suggested:
>Footfall, by Larry Niven, I think. (I can't be sure, though;
>my copy seems to have gone walkabout.)

Footfall certainly had aliens and a big rock, but the rest of
the description makes me pretty sure that wasn't it.  It's not
like there's a dearth of aliens with big rocks out there.

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