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RE: Nexus Plastic models [CLEAN STAMP]

From: "Rick Rutherford" <Rick@e...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 15:01:32 -0400
Subject: RE: Nexus Plastic models [CLEAN STAMP]

The plastic sci-fi troopers are the same figures that were sold in
Grenadier's "Space Rangers" box (later sold by I.C.E. after Grenadier
went under). A couple of years ago, you could get the box of 50 figures
for $30.00 (retail price in the USA).

I think the Space Rangers are great models -- I have about 80 of
them painted, and I'd like to pick up some more, but they're not
really appropriate for StarGrunt, unless you like your sci-fi with
less science and more fiction. :)

-- Rick

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From: Jesse Casey
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Subject: Re: Nexus Plastic models
this space ship sprue is the "Wings Of Death" Box.
The designs come from I.C.E.s "Silent Death" game line. Death: The Next
Millennium: Deluxe Box Set

Actually it is a nice set of minis. the detail is good. They are easy to
paint, too.
(yup, I have a set)

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Subject: Nexus Plastic models

> Hello everybody
> Just came across the website :
> The Nexus company produces the old and -to ancient gamers- famous
> Atlantic range of plastic figures. They now have started to produce
> SF models.
> They have a box of GW space-marine-style warriors and, more
> interestingly, a box of small starship models. From looking at the
website, they
> may be a bit crude, but nice enough.
> They are described as 'available' and I have seen advertisements for
> them in the German hobby press.
> Greetings
> Karl Heinz

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