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RE: [FT] Fleet Survey #1: Fleet Ownership

From: "Sindre Cools Berg" <cobos@s...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:24:48 +0300
Subject: RE: [FT] Fleet Survey #1: Fleet Ownership

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> Subject: [FT] Fleet Survey #1: Fleet Ownership
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Cutted and pasted the two surveys into one mail :)
> So, here's the survey: what official fleets do you have? Now that
> the Fleet
> Book 2 is out, what official fleets are you looking at purchasing?
I've got an ESU fleet numbering around 25 ships or so... And I want to
buy a
full Phalon fleet this summer (and I play regularily with the guy that
started the "interesting" Phalon thread :)
And I've got some assorted other ships that my girlfriend wanted to
but not play with, some FSE and NSL biggies

>So, here's the second survey: what official fleets do you think are the
>"best"? And why? Are there any official fleets, from either fleet book,
>really seem to be better than the others? Are there some that you just
>from an aesthetic sense?

Since I'm a dedicated ESU player I can't say anything else can't I ?
But I think the NSL are really good ships, at least IMHO they are the
that performs best with the worst player, i.e. their weaknesses aren't
big and can rather easily be countered. Also facing a big NSL fleet I
the only way to beat them is to field a ESU Superdreadnought or Attack
Carrier... But I've learned that german ships die as well as the ESU
ones :)

Aestheticly I of course enjoy my green ESU fleet with red markings. But
except for that I think all the ships except the NAC ones look nice... I
especially dislike the looks of the NAC capitals. From FB2 I've actually
only seen the Kravak firsthand so I can't say too much about them,
the Kravak I've seen looks nice...
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