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Re: The iCloak

From: Kevin Walker <sage5@h...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:27:50 -0500
Subject: Re: The iCloak

on 6/14/00 12:18, John C at wrote:

--->8---  (snipped intro)

> In game terms, this is how it works
> Any ship that wishes to fire at an iCloaked ship must first roll a "6"
> one die.  This applies to direct fire only; Salvo Missiles, Nova
> and Wave Guns are unaffected by the iCloak.

Here's some questions:

Can multiple FireCon systems be used to have several attempts at locking

If so would weapons be declared as linked with one particular FireCon's
lock-on attempt before rolling the lock on?  Ex. I want to fire 3x Class
Beams at a ship under iCloak - I want to use 2 FireCons - 1 with 2 of
beams and the other with one.

Would the lock-on mods for use of weapons by the cloaking ship modify
lock-on attempts, even ones that come before the cloaked ship fires. 
could require the cloaking player to commit to a certain amount (or
lack) of
weapons fire before she/he knows whether those weapons are going to
still be
around.  I'm assuming the use the standard initiative rules.

If the lock-on modifiers only happen after the cloak ship's turn to fire
come and gone then there is some real potential for abuse.

--->8---  (snipped lock-on modifiers and more)

> Any thoughts about the above?  A ship with an iCloak will be more
> than a regular Cloaked Is it workable, balanced, and playable?

This system has some potential.  I suspect this item would be best for
involving advance players though (could be the way your playing group is
already).  ;-)

The system has some potential issues towards balancing the cost
upon the decision with when the lock-on modifiers come into play.
Regardless of the final decision though this mechanism will be a bit
complicated than the usual FT type of rules (not necessarily a bad thing
though depending on your preferred style of play).

I hope this doesn't sound too negative.  I have a hard time not slipping
into play-tester mode.	;-)

Kevin Walker

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