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RE: The interception challenge

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:39:32 -0400
Subject: RE: The interception challenge

OK. I will disqualify myself from the competition due to lack of

But here are some things that others may consider.

A) Defending/Intercepting force (Blue) is laying seige to an important
colony of opposing player (Red).

B) Jump limit is 100 movement turns away from planet, in the planetary
plane. Movement turns are somewhat arbitrary as distance will vary with
velocity, but the orignal problem stated that the intercept must be done
outside of 20 movement turns of the besieged planet.

C) Jumps are detectable across the system.

D) Blue force must keep Red force from providing relief to the besieged

E) Red force must provide relief to the becieged planet within 200
(Prevents jumping out and back in).

F) Time to recharge a jump drive is 25 turns (Prevents jumping out and
in again).

G) Velocity across the Jump limit is limited to MD of the ship.

H) Blue force has fast picket scouts alreay moving at high speed within

I) Red force must decelerate to within MD speed within 36" of the planet

Blue force will probably set up near the besieged planet. When Red force
enters they will send fast scouts (on picket through out the system, but
less than 10% of entire force's points) to confirm. When Red force is
Blue force will move to intercept. Red force cannot escape to jump out
loses the planet and thus the game (due to time constraints). Red force
cannot pick too divergent of a course, or it will not arrive at the
in time. Blue force must find Red force, and intercept it before it gets
close and the troop landing ships, supply ships, orbital bombardment
cruisers, etc. are endangered.

The only difference on the sides is the starting speed. Blue force may
at any speed, but will not know where Red force will enter.

Alternate scenario:

A) Red force is a convoy of freighters headed for a plague ridden planet

B) The cargo (medicine) they carry has a very short shelf life of 200
(too short to jump out and back in again and too short to deviate course
very much).

C) The merchants have leveraged thier ships, homes, etc. to purchase the
medicine, so if they fail to deliver the medicine, they will loose
everything. Or, alternatly, they have family on the planet.

D) Blue force is commerce raiders that want to take the cargo and sell
it to
planet X themselves.

E) The system is under quarentine, so any ships moving into the system
likely to be carring the medicine.

F) The jump limit is at 100 movement turns away.

G) The planet has UNSC ships to enforce the quarentine, so Blue force
intercept the freighters more than 20 movement turns out from Planet X.

H) Optional. Red force wants some protection, so must link up with UNSC
escorts after the jump (limits where the freighters will want to enter).

I) Jumps are detectable system wide.

J) Jump drives take 50 turns to recharge.

K) Frieghters are limited to MD2 ships. (Escorts may be faster).

Brian Bell	

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> Ok, time to put your money where your mouth is.
> I challenge all list members to produce the parameters (and proof
> thereof) under which fleet A can force fleet B to fight.

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