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Re: FB2 Vapour Shroud

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:18:33 +0100
Subject: Re: FB2 Vapour Shroud

>Even though the PDS and Scatter Gun are more of a defensive weapon I
>consider them a weapon.  Besides each of these can be used in a minor
>offensive roll as well and as such it would be opening a potential loop
>for people to exploit to allow them to fire in any mode through the
>If the logic is that fighters are close, might the PDS still function
>the shroud? JUST for anti-fighter defence?

[OFFICIAL] mode on....
No.  A Phalon with shroud up cannot fire ANYTHING, defensive or
During testing we toyed briefly with the idea of letting fighters get
INSIDE the shroud to attack if they wish, but taking damage from
the shroud is made of while getting through it, but eventually dropped
for balance and simplicity issues.
[OFFICIAL] mode off....
>What are the down sides, for play-balance? A shrouded AFDS EC? Could be
>restricted to just own-ship's defence.
>Sorry, just recently got both the FB2 and a pack of Phalon DD's. Been
>grossing out the local players.
>I've GOT to get an image of the Outlanders' ships to re-establish Jon's
>name. ;->=

What good name? I've worked long and hard on establishing a bad
reputation.... ;-)
(On second thought, maybe I shouldn't use the words "long" and "hard" in
any post relating to Phalon ships....?)
Dunno where you'll find an Outlanders image, but try some of the Anime
sites and look for "Johji Manabe" (the artist/author).

Jon (GZG)
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