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Re: Retrograde gimmickry

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 11:35:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Retrograde gimmickry

>I'd probably take, as my example, the "Assault on Starbase 13"
scenario in MT:
>the Kra'Vak were able to come out of orbit close enough to
catch people off
>guard, but not close enough that they couldn't power up their
systems before
>the Kra'Vak were within firing range.	Whether or not that's
the _normal_ way
>of doing it, might be questioned, but there's reason to suspect
that FTL is
>capable of putting them within halfway close striking distance
of an enemy
>outpost.  Let's not forget that scanner range in the previous
books was only
>54" for active scanners...

To identify, not to detect.

> One way or
>another, it seems pretty plain to me that it's possible to get
to a planet
>without having to worry about interception before you're within
a few turns
>of striking range.  Stick a cloaking device or ECM into the
mix, and most
>likely you can hit without a terrible amount of warning.

That's rather background dependent.  But if you can pop out of
FTL and nuke a planet within a few turns, then a normal fleet
isn't going to stop you either, unless a) it is perfectly
positioned to intercept, AND b) they knew within a few choices
where you were coming so they could concentrate their forces
enough to be meaningful, AND c) they knew you were coming now so
they have time to spool up to red alert AND d)you allow yourself
to get distracted by then.  Which is improbable.
 Otherwise, there's no point in having a fleet (except for the
MAD doctrine, in which case you won't be fighting anyway).  The
usual scenario would be "We pop out of FTL.  They detect us and
send a message: We surrender, don't nuke us, what tribute would
you like today?"
  A possible alternative, though: Heavy planetary defenses.
Ground-based Beam 8's, screen 3's (yeah, they're not in FB1, so
what?  This is a planet, not a ship), multiple ADFC and PDS
clusters, SMR-ER's and fighter bays...a dreadplanet assault on a
heavily defended base might be interesting.  The only difficulty
is that you'd have to build such defenses on _every_ planet.

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