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Re: Custom Fleets -> Oerjan's ships......

From: "Charles N. Choukalos" <chuckc@b...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 15:32:22 -0400
Subject: Re: Custom Fleets -> Oerjan's ships......


Say while you're emailing out those ships to stiltman..... could you 
email a copy to me too?  I'd be really interested in checking them out. 

I can understand stiltman's POV on the dread planets et all.  When I 1st

started playing FT2, we stuck with screen-3, large ships in all of our 
battles.  (Really more like 1/2 dozen battles tops, with most of them 
being cut off early because of time).  Then when I started playing the
based stuff, I'm still only into maybe a dozen actual battles... however

I have done a lot of experiemental stuff.  As an old time SFBer I really

wanted to manuver, but frankly... was stuck in the big honking ships 
pounding on each other mode.  A couple battles back, I watched my NSL 
fleet pound the stuffing out of a mixed NAC/ESU fleet.... Until, the
NAC Huron, and a pair of Tibets were left and politely positioned 
themselves in my aft arc.  Here I am moving speed 12 or so, no other NSL

ships left... I'm in my honking, virtually unscathed NSL carrier (- 
fighters), and I'm watching these small punks ripping up my armor and 
into my hull.  Well, let me tell you... rolling 2 thresholds on a
ship like that by the time you finnally get to turn around is no fun.  
Then on top of that when you go to spin, they split up and "luckily" I 
managed to eliminate 1 of the Tibets by getting some of my guns in arc. 

As I'm trying to do the sit and spin the other ships accelerate off (I 
got some plinks in...), next thing I know they're moving up to speed 30 
or so rather quickly and lets talk about the aggrivation of being 15/30 
degrees out of arc, and only wapping a ship with about 1/4 of your beam 
fire power or so at medium range... because you guessed wrong.	Then
the other bogger hammer into you.  Well lets just say the battle ended
with 2 badly damaged lt cruisers waiting for reinforcements out of gun 
range of a heavily mauled ship with no thrust and no ftl and missing
of its systems.  Anyway..... I guess I started getting back into high 
speed flying, and we opened up the table considerably... When you have a

lot of space to manuver and the speeds get up to something in the 
20-30's, then you spend more turns flying around, but then when you 
collide... you're knife fighting for a turn or so....  A completely 
different style of play...


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