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Re: FB2... hmmmm...

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 10:35:40 +1000
Subject: Re: FB2... hmmmm...


 >Yeah... but if you space it out you can either aim for the overlap or
you can
 >aim to simply cover a two foot wide area with either plasma or
 >There's a number of options for it.

Two foot area? You'd be spreading yourself pretty thin wouldn't you?

 > Economics...... Of course, all the bets are off if you're crazy
 > enough to throw a 1400+ mass cargo ship at me in hopes
 > of baiting me into "cheating" on fighters.

Funnily enough that was one of the things I'd thought of.... I've done 
something similar down here a couple of times, though not quite on such
grand scale ;)

 >real game terms, this means that if you're going to fly a supership
into the
 >battle, your enemy is permitted to know that approximate mass in
advance and
 >adjust their own fleet knowing that you're going to have it there.

I'm guessing they can only make minor adjustments and suddenly can't
everything and produce a supership themself??

 >I won't need too many little escorts, and they won't necessarily even
 >little.  They'll either be little and capable of cloaking, or cruiser
 >battlecruiser sized and fast and stout.  The cloakers will just
 >(hopefully in position to fire immediately or within one turn) and
 >away, the larger versions will flank at medium to long range so that
 >can survive the long range spray and then cut in to put their needle
 >into firing position with a single sharp turn at very high speed.

And that'd be why I'd have my own escorts out there befuddling them, its

not like my big guy would be working in a vacuum ;)

 > and partially it's just to have some fun. :)

Shouldn't that read and "primarily it's just to have some fun"? ;)

 >Yeah... it'll take some work.  Oerjan's comment that they could put up
 >fighter groups and then go at thrust 9 to run away scared me a bit
 >I hadn't studied Sa'Vasku much at all (I still plead a certain
ignorance on
 >them).  Then I took a look at the elder broodship design and noticed
that if
 >they _did_ put that many fighters out the odd hit with a single pulse
 >could bring them down.

As with all the fleets I think it'll take a bit of pulling and pushing
everyone to see if we got it right or not, for me right now I'm not sure
agree with Oerjan's call on them, but we'll see. I don't doubt that the 
creativity out there will think of using the stuff in FB2 in ways that
never occurred to me, but I think there's equally as much inventiveness
counter each new stretch that comes up. A good measure of it also comes 
down to the different ways we all play, for instance our games (in
with most/all the optional rules on) wouldn't usually last long enough
Vas'Sa'Teth's to get the 13 fighter groups out and even if it did I
have hovering FFs/DDs waiting in the wings to go and clean up just such 
weakened escapees so to me it doesn't seem so scary. This probably is
the case for people who play games that regularly last 10+ turns and use

cinematic with most/all the optional rules turned off.

Have fun


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