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[FT] Testing Houserules (old and new)

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 17:21:50 -0400
Subject: [FT] Testing Houserules (old and new)

Someday, perhaps later this summer, I hope to GM a couple (or more,
depending on time and ambition) PBeM's to test some house rules I have
the New Israel Skunkworks page. I prematurely posted a request for
interested in playing these games some time ago and got good response.
not post a real request again until I know I'm ready. For those who
be interested, I'd like to know which rules people would most like to
or see tested (and possibly in what combinations). Most PBeMs will
use Cinematic movement.

The systems/tech/etc I'd like to play with are detailed on the

The systems I would most like to playtest in PBeMs include:

Stealth Hull
Raking Fire
Focused Fire
Heavy Needle Beam
Nannite Torpedo
Meson Flechette
Weak Arcs
Damage Shield
Redlined Engines
Evasive Maneuvers
Schroedinger's Hammer Overdive
Fighter Breakoff/Feint
Fighter Starburst Attack

Lower priority stuff includes:

Stealth System
Nannite Missile
Short-range Jump
Stealth 2 Fighter

I'd also like to test New Israel ship designs (commanded by people other
than myself), so some scenarios I hope to set up will feature these
ships in

I'd like to test each concept/system somewhat independently before
many, to see how each one holds up for balance, though I would like to
combine some/many eventually.

Most items listed above have been posted to the list at least once
(and some similar or identical concepts have been thought of by others
besides me). The new ones I haven't seen on the list yet include:

Weak Arcs - Larger caliber beams or other wepons may buy additional arcs
with reduced firepower for less mass. For example, a Class 4 beam costs
mass+2 per additional arc (so a 3-arc class 4 costs 12 mass/36 points).
Under this rule, one could buy additional arcs that could only fire as
3, and cost 1 mass. So a Forward Arc class 4 beam could fire FP and FS,
only as class 3, and cost 10 mass/30 points. This could fit PSB for
mounts or optimum fire arcs. Other examples: 1) A class 3 F-arc that can
fire as class 2  beams in FS and FP for a total cost of 5 mass/15
points. 2)
(gonzo example) A Class 6 spinal mount that fires as class 3 on any side
or a class 4 out the Aft (32+1+1+1+1+2 =40 mass, 120 points).

Damage Shield - Generic damage absorption shield. Mass is 2% ship mass
shield point (1 mass per point minimum), cost is 3 points per Mass. Each
shield point has its own box on the SSD + 1 box for the generator. When
damage is taken from any source over one turn, it is applied to the
shield first, until the shield has absorbed as many points as it has
Each box that absorbs damage rolls a threshold at the current level, and
burns out if it fails (i.e. that box cannot absorb damage on subsequent
turns until/unless repaired). If the Shield is overwhelmed (damge
is greater than number of functioning shield boxes), then the generator
takes a threshold check. When a normal threshold due to damage is called
for, each shield box _and_ the generator take another threshold roll.  

Corkscrew - Like a Roll, but more severe. Cost is 3 thrust. Roll 1 die
end of turn to determine final roll status of ship: Odd, ship is rolled,
even, ship is "upright". A Corkscrew allows Port and Starboard facing
weapons to fire in _either_ Port or Starboard arcs. To-hit rolls for
weapons on 'Corking ship receive -1. SM's etc. get -1 or -2 to #
that lock on. 'Corking ships may accelerate and decelerate without
but if the ship turns, it takes 1 hull damage per point of turn due to


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