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RE: Sa'Vasku Colours

From: NGarbett@S...
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 04:36:55 -0400
Subject: RE: Sa'Vasku Colours

Thanks for all of the colour shemes in the end i decided
after many seconds of thought, that as th Sa'Vasku grow
i have painted the smaller ones bright colours steadily
getting darker as they get bigger, so from bright red
for CT to Black as a base for BB+ with other garish 
colours on top of the base coat, don't look too bad either.

Well i'm happy with them and thats what counts.

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Subject: Re: Sa'Vasku Colours

G'day Alan,

 >There would be a more practical reason: it seems from current
 >Life transforms planets at least as much as planets transform life.

Very true, which is why I doubt we're just going to pass up planets
they've got life, especially if that life has made it a nice place for
to live.

 >Given that a different set of life-forms would have different amino 
acids, different
 >sets of proteins etc it may be the case that Terran life may not be 
 >if the two mix, one has Got to Go, if only from massive allergic
 >or clogging up of biochemical reactions with unrecognised and
 >proteins that block receptors.
 >Most Biochemistry is just a cross between playing with children's 
building blocks
 >and a real-time version of 3-D tetris where the blocks can change
 >in limited ways anyway. (sorry Beth :-) ) Add a whole new set of
in the
 >game and things may not work too well.

Also very true and this would be the cases I meant by "you need your
or "throw up that wall and never come back", but there is also a strong 
possibility that we may be playing different games and that it doesn't 
matter if I've got round poles and you've got square blocks because
not playing together (OK maybe a different issue in the long term, but
the short we could get away with it and I'm afraid to say that's the 
timescale we usually work on).

 >Don't do a wholescale Xenocide, and you may find that lithophillic
 >(Rock-dwelling) bacteria and things that lurk in out of the way places
 >Black Smokers may well come back and bite you in the nth generation.

But you're not going to know that for sure, so if you've got a nice
planet with close to the right level of O2 and life (for arguments sake)

that is spot on 100% compatible with no more adverse reactions than we
here on Earth are you really going to turn up your nose at it based on
chance there's something hiding in the dark - especially when (a) its 
equally likely something similar is waiting to bite you back on Earth 
anyway and (b) its only gonna cost megabucks to colonise here, but
of megabucks to terraform and then colonise the planet next door? Just 
can't see the people with the money and say so passing it up.

Besides as you pointed out its the Tuffleyverse right, so even though 
there's no good guys many of the less than good guys are going to avoid 
truly brutal solutions and we've got good evidence that Kra'Vak and
at least can both utilise the same atmospheric conditions (bareheaded
of both are available - hey you armour/weapon guys use the figs as 
justification.... ;P) and we've got to be fighting over something we
want, thus planets with compatible life/conditions must exist and be
by both of us....(how's that for a truly twisted attempt at a logical 
argument) ;)

I'll retire to my corner now... have fun ;)



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