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Re: [FT] Fleet Survey #1 & 2

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 10:28:21 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] Fleet Survey #1 & 2

I own two GZG minis - an FSE Roma and a NAC Vandenburg. Both fly New
colors. The rest of my ships are Brigade SemFed minis I use for New
Israel -
not official, but I still dream of some "approval" of some out-of-house
minis someday. I also have left over SFB ships, some of which I'm very
slowly converting to pirates (Klingon), NI specilalized (Hydran & Gorn),
KV (Lyran). Don't know what I should do with my Romulans or Tholian
dreadnought. I don't think I can or should convert the Federation ships.
Iconic. But that's off on another tangent.

A note to Laserlight - if he doesn't like NAC necks, he should enjoy
fighting _against_ Brigade minis. A goodly number of them have nice long
necks (though more robust than the thin NAC klingonesque ones.

I am seriously thinking of picking up some SV's (or other bioships) in
future - They're my faves from FB2.

As for which of the official fleets I like best, I've got to divide it
aesthetic and game preferences.

Aesthetically some of the NAC (Vandenburg, Inflexible) and some of the
(Trieste, Ypres) appeal, but overall, I like the NSL bricks (Cruiser and
larger), Sa'Vasku smaller than 100 mass, and most of the ESU fleet best. 

Game preference does depend on movement system, but since I generally
only cinematic with official ships (and prefer it anyway over vector), I
for NSL, sometimes NAC or ESU. I like heavy beams and armor with a
of torps and the rare screen (Which is how I've designed NI) I want to
more play in with the SV, to see whether I can really manage them

As an extra, I'll give you my lists of favorite [official] ships:
Top 6 FB/FB2 favorite aesthetic
6. SV Var'Thee'Sha
5. NAC Inflexible
4. ESU Konstantin
3. NAC Vandenburg
2. ESU Voroshilev
1. FSE Ypres

Top 3 favorite [official] to play
3. SV (not enough experience yet, though)
2. ESU Cruiser/Destroyer groups (as long as I can have the Beijing/BE
variant as well)
1. NSL BC/Cruiser groups (Walls)


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