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Re: Sa'Vasku questions

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 20:53:20 +0100
Subject: Re: Sa'Vasku questions

>My FB2 came in yesterday (thanks KR) and I am left with questions.
>If a Sa'Vasku takes a threshold it automatically loses the associated
>power generator.  Does it make threshold checks on the other power
>I would tend to believe it does as there is mention of "Lost PGs may
>be replaced in this <damage control> manner, but only if enough power
>points are available from surviving PGs".  The only way I could see
>this occuring is through thresholds unless...

I can see the confusion, but the sentence you quote is actually semi
redundant - it was just meant to clarify the fact that you need to put
enough power into the repair pool in order to try to fix the PGs.
>Can you target PGs with needle beams/torps?  This looks like a real
>achilles tendon for Sa'Vasku, although I guess this also works by
>taking out drives on other ships.  Are systems taken out by NBs on
>Sa'Vasku still subject to the "no repair" rule?  I would assume so,

I see the PGs as similar to the Core Systems in other ships - buried
in the hull where Needles can't reach them. You CAN target the drive
Yes, the "no repair" rule applies as far as tactical (game time) is
concerned, though the SV can probably regrow the bits (maybe with
help) in between-game time.
>It never says, but I am guessing a single stinger node may only attack
>one ship as most other weapons follow this.

Without referring to the book, I think I said that each stinger node can
handle any amount of power per turn, but only for one shot per turn -
only one target. If it wasn't explicitely stated, then that's certainly
what was meant!

Jon (GZG)

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