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Re: Sa'Vasku power generators

From: "Kevin Walker" <sage5@h...>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:18:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Sa'Vasku power generators

--- >8 ---  snipped

> I then fix it as per the rules.  Suddenly, because they never
> take thresholds I never have to worry about that PG going
> down again.

True.  But the system you may want to power up may have been lost and
thus the denial of use may subsequently still be there.  The problem
is that the SV ships can end up with a double jeopardy situation, one
in which all that's needed to disable a capability is for one of of
the two needed parts of the ship to be offline.

It's possible that a ship that's suffered it's third threshold may
repair some/all of it's damaged systems (not likely).  However there
is no way to eliminate these systems short of the destruction of the
ship.  Not quite the same thing but there are some parallels.

> I just don't see that.  Also, the rules do not say they do not
> take thresholds so they must.

But it might be alluded to in the Power Generator rules.  By
automatically being lost upon the destruction of it's row of biomass
one could gather that this is the way PGs are damaged.

> About the needle gun thing, don't know.

Sa'Vasku have the same vulnerability in regards to systems that can be
damaged.  The drives, weapons, and other systems are still there.  To
allow a crippling of their ships by specifically going after the power
generators may IMHO weakens the SV ships and skews their current point

Another factor to remember is the KV are automatically loosing a PG on
each threshold.  Even if they repair it, the next time a threshold
check comes around a different PG will automatically go.  Since the KV
still conduct thresholds checks versus the nodes on their ships they
still suffer from the accumulated damage that they've taken.

There's my two cents/pence/pesos - not that anyone asked.  ;-)

Kevin Walker

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