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Re: [FT] Battle report and questions

From: "Paul Radford" <paulradford@i...>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 19:39:06 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] Battle report and questions

Hello Beth,

>My experience only comes from vector unfortunately, but what we've
found is
>that the opening few rounds of combat with the SV are more crucial than
>other races (this is especially so against the KV) as once they KVs
>scored a few shots (especially with their big guns) it becomes an awful
>harder on the SV. Basically the SV hit hard and fast and then sort of
>puff whereas the KV are a more consistent force through time so it all
>comes out in the wash. Our KV vs SV have tended to be closer run things

It was my first use of Kra'Vak, and we both thought prior to the battle
the Kra'Vak would win. A change of tactics next time i think.

> >this, the Sa'Vasku had on average, more power available to weapons
> >thrust simply due to the fact that they never had a need to power up
> >shield nodes (no power allocated to defense) as they have no effect
> >K-guns anyway.

>Mmm not sure if that actually makes sense seeings as the KV aren't
>for screens either (and the SV have sacrificed mass to the node even if
>they don't use it).

True, the KV are not paying for screens. Against any other opponent at
the Sa'Vasku would have to use power allocation for defence to power up
screen nodes. With no requirement against the KV, it means simply more
allocated to weapons (that is what happened anyway). True, the node mass
wasted, but the power they require certainly isn't!

>Paul even though they're not the monstrosities of old they can still
>big time - I know it may well be just psychological but when the KV
>here says "and for my class 6s" I start to get those butterflies in the
>of my stomach ;)

Never used the monstrosities of old, although i did face them and won
three times (equal points). Admittedly, casually announcing huge chunks
damage when i managed to get the K-guns on target made me smile! I'm not
giving up on the Kra'Vak. No way! One battle doesn't decide it for me
easily. :)


"Oh my god! They've summoned Cthulhu! You bastards!

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