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Re: [OT] Bureau of Relocation

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 22:14:35 -0400
Subject: Re: [OT] Bureau of Relocation

> Too many people for the available resources is what I would call a
> population problem.

There was no population problem.  The petty fighting was because there
was no
urgent threat, and was aimed at prestige, gather more lands for PERSONAL

The actual number of people who went on Crusades was a very small
Remember, this a pre-industrial, pre-green revolutionary time.	The vast
majority of people worked in agriculture.  One battle for personal gain
knights, lords, etc., could destroy the fields and with it bring sever
economic hardship if not starvation to the local area.	This was not
they were over populated, but because their crops and live stock were
destroyed in a stupid and petty battle.

> >  The inheritance problem was typically solved by the monastic
> For those able to enter a monastic order.  Not everyone can deal with
> such a lifestyle, and the ones that can't are the ones that  would
> cause the greatest stress to your society anyway.

Typically they were sent into the monastic order at about the same time
sons going the "knight career track" became squires.  They were young
to be pliable.	Besides, most sterotypes of monks are quite wrong. 
There were
trouble makers there just like in any other part of society.


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