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Re: Colonization

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 18:56:33 PDT
Subject: Re: Colonization

>From: "Laserlight" <>

>a) Per canon, space travel will happen.
>b) Given that it does happen, it will start out as expensive but
>will get cheaper with experience.
>c) It will become cheap enough that a person who  commits his
>life savings will be able to join in a founding colony.
>d) Later on, it will become cheap enough for people to travel on
>business when required; then, somewhat later, to travel for
>their own amusement.
>Insofar as I can tell, Brian, you're saying that step c) won't
>happen, because space travel is expensive.  And I'm saying that
>just because it's expensive now, doesn't mean it will always be
>too expensive for individuals to pay for.
>--Chris  DeBoe

If this is what you think I meant, Chris, you misread me.  My entire
was about steps A) and B).  I agree eith everything you said.  
Unfortunately, the rebuttals to my post have all assumed that either I 
ignored C) or that C) can happen without first getting through B).

Brian Bilderback

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