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Re: (FT) Floating table

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 10:54:12 -0400
Subject: Re: (FT) Floating table wrote:
> We play on a table at the game store that is about 84"x48".
> If we cannot accommodate a shift we put the mini on the edge
> (which makes me nervous when it's mine) and some marker,
> usually dice, to indicate how far off the board it is.  This has
> worked well for us.  We sort of wing it on moving it while off
> the board, but you could move it further onto the board, make the
> moves, then move it back to the edge and note the difference
> (it might be further off or closer to the table).  This doesn't happen
> too often.

Something I've toyed with in the back of my mind but haven't
actually implemented in practice is to use an unoccupied corner
of the table to have the mini who just moved off maneuver around
there until they can get back on. Thus:

   |		  |
   | A		  |    'B' is the general area where the battle
   |		  |    is taking place
   |		  |    'C' is the spot on the table where the mini
   |		  |    moved off
   |	     B	  |    'A' is an unused section of the table where
   |	 B	  |    the mini which just was at 'C' may maneuver
   |   B	 C|    until it 'leaves' that part of the table and
   |  B      B	  |    rejoins the battle at 'B'.
   |		  |
   |		  |
   |		  |

Dunno. Was just an idea I've toyed with intellectually, but never put


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