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Re: MT missiles

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 09:57:38 EDT
Subject: Re: MT missiles

From: Roger Books <>
Subject: Re: Thoughts on FB3

On  9-May-00 at 10:55, Sean Bayan Schoonmaker (
> >I would go for the 36" movement (with upto a 2pt turn), 3 turn
> >no second movement, range 6.
> I'd ditch the "ship-like movement" entirely and go with the fighter
> system. I'd agree that there would have to be at least some benefit
> PDS, otherwise they'd be too easy to eliminate.

I've always thought they would be better with fighter style movement,
move after ships, no radius (must be in base-base contact).

Too powerful?  With the levels of PDSs most people have evolved to
I don't think so.
I know so.  I had a ship hit with 10 MT missiles.  My 8 PDS and 2
class-1 beams were assigned one to a missile.  I took out 4.
Thresholded in 1 shot, and this was a big ship with a lot of armor.
Do not make MT missiles harder to hit with PDS and 1s.
I don't want to play "Missile Command in Space".

I don't have a problem with the current MT missile movement,
moving as ships with a 2 point turn in the middle.  I'd say let them
act as a MD6 ship so they can make a 1 point turn at the beginning
as well execpt for the launching turn.	They do have a 6mu range
of targetting that is nearly all around.
I do have questions: is the MT missile speed set at launch or
can it be adjusted each turn?  Is there a minimum speed?
Is there a minimum/maximum speed change?
Those 10 MT missiles went from a speed of 18 on the first turn
to speed 0 in the second turn.


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