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RE: MT missiles

From: "Chris Lowrey" <clowrey@p...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 08:39:29 -0500
Subject: RE: MT missiles

> Please, no, don't screw up the game again!
> MT missiles (and level-3 screens, and "no sense to buy anything but
> A-batts") was exactly the reason that turned me off FT back then...
> If anyone is really serious about bringing them back, try this
> - Make one normal fleet, say vanilla FB1 designs
> - Make one fleet of equal value, composed entirely of "bathtub
> MD8, one MTM, FTL, minimal hull, nothing else.
> - Start the battle in the normal way. The launcher fleet enters at
> allowed velocity.
> - On the first turn (assuming table depth about 60" or less), the
> fleet launches all missiles and executes a hard turn away. (Cinematic
> tactics vary a bit in vector, but the essence stays the same)
> - On the following turns they continue running and FTL away at first
> opportunity.
> Play that out a couple of times. No, don't just figure it out in your
> head, *play* it out, one game per night, including breaking out and
> repacking all the minis. Then play it out a couple times more. Then
> back and tell just how much fun you had, and how many bathtub
> you managed to shoot down. (My guess is none on both counts)
> You're saying they didn't cause that much damage either? Well, I have
> for you: A kill ratio of something to nothing is *infinite*! It is
> what certain real armed forces today try (very hard) to achieve, yes,
> IMHO it makes for an incredibly boring game.
> (Yes, I know they technically never went anywhere, but now that it is
> actually cost effective to field PDS against them it's not quite the
> ogre anymore)
> I have a word of advice to all those who like to design new systems:
> it comes to testing, forget "reasonable". Try it all-out. See what
> when go *really* overboard with it. Try to answer these two questions:
>  - why would anyone use your system at all
>  - why would anyone use anything but your system
> If you can answer these *without* referring to "honor", you might be
> a winner...

I would say the only answer to this, as it is with just about every
combat game where one side has a range or speed advantage, is that
need to be generated to make it interesting.

Put the "Bathtub Launcher's" homeworld right behind their fleet on the
and see if you get a different action.

In my opinion, endless "meeting engagement" scenarios become unbearably
after a while, no matter what weapon systems or rules sets you are


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