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Re: Centimeters

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 12:35:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Centimeters

On  3-May-00 at 11:25, Imre A. Szabo ( wrote:
> > Speed, speed, and more speed.  If you are not playing on an
> > restricted surface 30 seems to be about the lowest speed for thrust
> > 4 ships (cinematic, haven't tried vector yet).
> >
> > Roger
> Played with an FSE fleet doing between 24 to 48 inches a turn for an
> game.  I've never tried centimeter scale and have no desire to do.
> high speed game was interesting, but	I don't recommend it for
> but an experiment.  While FSE ships can manuever better do to their
> thrust (on average), SLM's are inxceedingly difficult to use in high
> games even if the opposing force moves at just 18 to 24 inches a turn.

Remember this in the next debate on how SMs are too powerful.  Just by
moving higher speed the SMs are dropped way down, at least in cinematic.

I still feel the speeds are very artificially limited on a normal table
playing in inches.

> SLM's don't work well at high
> speeds.  The game didn't last much longer after that...

You just have to use them differently.	Don't use them as an openning
punch, use them to finish off ships which are still combat affective
but down drive power.  Use them when you know your opponent _must_
go places.  Keep a few in reserve to keep your opponent guessing so
he has to go in non-optimal places for fear your SMs will be waiting
for him.


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