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FS/FT: 20mm Figures & Vehicles

From: "Scott Spieker" <scspieker@n...>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 10:05:21 -0400
Subject: FS/FT: 20mm Figures & Vehicles

    I have a lot of 20mm items I am willing to part with.  I had used
for StarGrunt and with great success BTW.

    The lot consists of:
    60 Galoob Star Wars Micro Machines infantry, based and flocked
    40 Heavy Gear Northern Infantry (power armored sorts).
    3 Imperial Speeder bikes (Galoob)
    2 Rebel Speeder Bikes (Galoob)
    1 Einhorn self propelled artillery piece (fold down sides and one
gun!) - assembled, but unpainted
    1 M1-E1 Abrams tank (assembled, unpainted)
    1 Leopard 2 Tank (assembled, unpainted)
    3 German soldiers (WWII - but look real nice even as futuristics. 
are guys with teller mines)
    About 20 square houses - modular plastics - perfect scale.

    I would like to sell or trade the entire lot without breaking it up.

    Trade Interests (in order of precidence):
    40K Tyranids
    40K Imperial Guard (no praetorians)
    40K 3rd ed. Space Marines
    40K Dark Eldar

    Cash asking price: $75.00 + shipping.  International shipping is no

    Please respond off list at:

Scott Spieker

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