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Re: [SG2] DESPERATE: Seeking 20mm Miniatures from UK

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 16:15:28 +0000
Subject: Re: [SG2] DESPERATE: Seeking 20mm Miniatures from UK

>>Hi again,
>>    I have stumbled onto something that I hope anyone in the UK may be
>>to help me with.  I am looking for a range of Sci-Fi figures from
>>Miniatures (101 Church St., Atworth, Melksham, Whitshire, SN12 8JA). 
>>had a line of 20mm figures that were being sold around 1995 or so. 
>>have since gone under, and I would like to find:
>>1) The owner of the molds (either to purchase them, or for a small run
>>the line)
>>2) Anyone who may have some of these figures for sale/trade what have
>>3) Any way to get their items whatsoever.
>>4) E-mail or phone number for Michael Percy of SHQ
>>5) E-mail or phone number for Nick Rees (I am guessing that he is the
>>original owner of Blade???)
>I picked up one pack from a clearance bin last year
>(12 infantry), and I'd like to get hold of a few more.
>The package I have says it was Imported by Brookhurst Hobbies,
>Garden Grove, CA, 714-636-3580.
>>The sci-fi line was absolutely beautiful work (namely Michael Percy of
>>had done the sculpting), and Nick Rees did the vehicles.
>I haven't seen the vehicles, but I agree based on the figs I have.
>They're generic SF, sort of Starship Troopers with a reality check,
>nicely detailed and proportioned, with a lot of poses (I think
>9 poses out of 12 figs in the pack I have).
>>I could use any
>>form of communication or information regarding the whereabouts of the
>>molds, masters, old inventory, used items, former owners, business
>>information, etc.
>>It seems that mail delivered to the Church Street address is accepted,
>>there is never a reply or returned mail - so I can only assume that
>>location is a residence of some sort.  If someone can help identify
who or
>>what is at this address, I would be greatly appreciative.
>>Please - if anyone on the list can help, please do!  If I can purchase
>>molds, I will be _VERY_ happy and able to recreate a fantastic line of
>>figures from a dead company.
>If you do, I'll buy a bunch (only 1 or 2 armies' worth, though).
>Unfortunately, the market seems to have shifted toward larger
>scales in recent years.
>>Thank you for your time
>- Sam

Unfortunately I have no idea what has happened to the Blade moulds,
they were being offered for sale in a small ad in the back of (IIRC)
Wargames Illustrated a couple of years ago. There has certainly been no
more mention of them on the UK market, so I assume they weere either
sold and Nick Rees still has them, or they were sold but the new owner
not yet done anything with them.
They were, as you say, a very nice line of minis - an attempt to capture
cross-over market with "moderns" gamers who mostly use 20mm, hence their
rather near-future styling; however the strategy didn't work, and
their good quality they just didn't take off.
If I can find out anyhting I'll let the list know.

Jon (GZG)
>Samuel Reynolds
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>Armageddon Outfitter:
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