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Re: [Very OT]Y2kWatchers Wanted

From: Alan E and Carmel J Brain <aebrain@d...>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:07:00 +1000
Subject: Re: [Very OT]Y2kWatchers Wanted

Please pardon the extreme Off-Topicness.

I've been contacted by a Health Care profesional in the continental USA.
As part of their Y2k contingency planning, they're looking for a series
of Reporters during the 31 Dec - 01 Jan Transition, in the time zones
for  GMT+12 to GMT-3.

What this means is people who are at least e-mail capable, who will be
by a machine during the transition, and who will report as best they're
able on any problems or lack thereof.

IMHO Ideal would be someone who has access to someone in a Hospital who
can within hours report any equipment (heart lung machines, cardiac
monitors etc) that are inoperative, but even a simple "Everything
appears normal" or "Intermittent Power Brownouts" with no Hospital
connection would be useful.

Again IMHO Mobile Phone would be an advantage, as would ability to
access multiple carrier phone lines. And INMARSATPHONE would be great.
But none of the above is neccessary, dead silence from a region would be
almost as useful as a report detailing scope of the problem.

FWIW I think there will be few problems in my neck of the woods, but
reporters from SE Asia, China, Indian Subcontinent etc could be in a
different position.

Re legal liability of reports forwarded through me - none, "All
reasonable care and no responsibility for accuracy of reports." This
appears to be a complete defence under Australian law for Y2k problem
reports issued in good faith (note the "all reasonable care" bit), and
I'm the guy who's attempting to find others to report, Jurisdiction is
the Australian Capital Territory. If you wish anonymity, that's fine
after I verify your bona fides as best I can.

In addition to reporters, I'm also looking for any organisations that
would be interested in whatever data we have. I can guarentee at least
one reporter - me - who's at GMT +11 (Australian Eastern Summer Time).

This is a voluntary service, there's no payment to anyone concerned. And
it will mean some thankless work when everyone else is busy celebrating.
But I will take the name of any reporter's favourite charitable
organisation that would then be forwarded to all beneficiaries (with no
obligation for them to do anything).

Feel free to forward to others who might be interested, but please be
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