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Re: Another T-shirt Idea

From: Michael T Miserendino <MTMiserendino@l...>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 9:38:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Another T-shirt Idea

That would be tough at a historical con.  I guess you could classify
game as future history or come-out-and-make-history game. ;-)

Interesting that I found several historical (and well done) gaming
events at 
Origins where I expected to see almost all sci-fi related.


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>>> owner-gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU at internet 11/24/99 08:39AM >>>

>> The point remains, we should take advantage of the last year of this
>> Millenia (2000) to try very hard to demo FT and SG2 and DS2 at as
>> public events as possible. The larger the gamer base, the more work
>> force Jon, his lackeys, assistants, and sculptors to do! :)
>    Agreed.  Running games at conventions is the best way to promote
>game.	I very rarely see any GZG games run at any of the regional
>conventions.  Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In, the three big
>minis cons, didn't have any GZG games lists in their on-site books. 
>though a number of sci-fi games at these cons, GZG is just not
>in the programs.  I've seen a few pick-up games run, but if a game is
>advertised in the PEL or on-site book, it isn't going to attract too
>new players.  BTW, Cold Wars 00 PEL deadline is 6 Jan 00.

Well, now while I haven't been to too many historical minis cons, the
I did attend a few years ago I ran an FT game at (they asked me to come
the con, run some games; due to my schedule could only run one game). So
was in the book.

One person showed for my game. Others wandered by, looked, sneered a
then went on to a Napoleonics or Civil War game (two heavily represented
games at that con that year). This really didn't surprise me much since
was a *historical* con and I'm there with a futuristic game (I didn't
Dirtside or StarGrunt at the time, much less being very versed in
They invited me back last year but I was already going to be out of
state for that weekend.

Just one experience here; not meant to be all-encompassing.

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