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RE: [SG2] Fire Resolution Rules Question

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 08:21:03 +1000
Subject: RE: [SG2] Fire Resolution Rules Question

The statement in the Rulebook about the Defender rolling TWO dice is a
On Andy Cowell's SG Page there is teh list of errata which points out 3
or 4
such minor mistakes from the rule book.

Owen G

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> Sent: Friday, 19 November 1999 11:20
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> Subject: [SG2] Fire Resolution Rules Question
> Now, this question may be a dumb one, but who ever accused me of being
> smart...
>     I was reading through my SG2 rules book last night (after 
> getting it
> back from a friend who had it for almost three months...) to 
> reacquaint
> myself with the more advanced options in the rules.  Now, 
> silly me I turned
> to the fire combat section and started reading when the 
> comprehension gerbil
> wheel stopped spinning.
>     On Page 35 there is a statement at the top stating: 
> "...The 'Target'
> player will roll TWO dice, while the 'Firer' will roll two 
> dice PLUS one or
> more extra dice if his squad has a support or special weapons 
> in it which he
> wishes to fire at the same time."
>     Later on in the section it explains where the dice are 
> derived for the
> target to roll.  The only die it talks about is the range 
> die.	The quick
> reference card indicates that the target only gets one die - 
> the range die -
> and in parenthesis it says that the range die = troop 
> quality.  Now after
> reading the section a couple of times over, I still don't 
> understand what
> the quick reference card is saying versus the rules which 
> support the one
> die conspiracy.
>     What we have been doing so far for our games has been to 
> roll the unit's
> quality die only as the range die (which seemed a bit silly) and
> appropriately adjusting the die type based on range band.  
> Now one house
> rule that we had added was the upper and lower limits of 
> shifting.  If the
> upper limit was reached, then the other player took a number 
> of die shifts
> down to accommodate the adjustments needed and vice versa 
> until both limits
> were reached, then you had ineffective fire.	(If you really 
> want to know
> why we decided to do this, ask and I will give the big spiel.)
>     So, the question:  What is correct?  Do we use a range 
> die and the troop
> quality die for the target, and only adjusting the range die, 
> or is it only
> the range die?  It would seem to make sense to use two dice, 
> otherwise the
> firer will always seem to get a higher score than the target...
> Scott

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