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From: Michael T Miserendino <MTMiserendino@l...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 9:54:00 -0500
Subject: re: T shirt ideas -

I like the idea someone suggested earlier with a small logo on the front
a larger one on the back.  How about using just the GZG logo on the
shirt pocket area (less the silly pocket) and the con logo and date on

Everyone who would like to participate in the design should submit one 
before a deadline, say January 15, 2000.  All art should be submitted to
of us with free Web space to display the logos and have list members
vote on 
one and make a final tally on January 31, 2000 with enough time to make
t-shirts before the con.  I am willing to supply some Web space for 
displaying the logo designs.

I have not attended one a GZG con before, but I am interested in going. 

Could someone please fill me in more about what to expect, number of


Michael Miserendino
Senior Software Engineer
Lincoln Re

>>> owner-gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU at internet 11/19/99 09:27AM >>>

I certainly seemed to have opened a flood gate on this one. ;->=

Ok, a few reality checks: Jon's is not the only Ground Zero going;
I know of a computer gaming company, and several local/region shops
including a small chain in my area (down the road in Omaha). I
think things specific to FT/SG/DS work better. At least, if we
can get at least tacit acceptance, we need the GZG logo.

Sayings are great, but you can get short ones lettered on a
shirt. Costs an arm and a leg, but it means you can tailor to
your own tastes. A shirt with a small logo on the front, and
your own saying on the back is not unthinkable. Heck, scribbled
on with a laundry marker is possible.

We all know budding artists, and more than a few of the folks
on the list can at least make usable images with graphic
packages. Everyone sit down an give at least one of the ideas
a go, even if you have to try clip art. I know I will. ;->=

Now, I know a couple of folks are already making up shirts for
cons, and my second idea was this might be co-ordinated. Do you
want to take on the evaluation of a logo? Do you want someone
whose artistic taste can be summed up with the phrase 'all in
his mouth'?


PS Couldn't resist:

Izenberg, Noam" wrote:
> I also like the idea of an Ortillery fire control panel, with a finger
> poised above the SMITE button.

A double fades I think would work great with that.  One side has the
bottom half of a ship with a planet below it, the other side has the
finger hovering over the SMITE button.

-Gerald Clark

Yeah, but there could be a finger on planet, along the lines of the
famous 'last act of defiance'.

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