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[SG2] Fire Resolution Rules Question

From: "Scott Spieker" <scspieker@n...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:19:45 -0500
Subject: [SG2] Fire Resolution Rules Question

Now, this question may be a dumb one, but who ever accused me of being

    I was reading through my SG2 rules book last night (after getting it
back from a friend who had it for almost three months...) to reacquaint
myself with the more advanced options in the rules.  Now, silly me I
to the fire combat section and started reading when the comprehension
wheel stopped spinning.

    On Page 35 there is a statement at the top stating: "...The 'Target'
player will roll TWO dice, while the 'Firer' will roll two dice PLUS one
more extra dice if his squad has a support or special weapons in it
which he
wishes to fire at the same time."

    Later on in the section it explains where the dice are derived for
target to roll.  The only die it talks about is the range die.	The
reference card indicates that the target only gets one die - the range
die -
and in parenthesis it says that the range die = troop quality.	Now
reading the section a couple of times over, I still don't understand
the quick reference card is saying versus the rules which support the
die conspiracy.

    What we have been doing so far for our games has been to roll the
quality die only as the range die (which seemed a bit silly) and
appropriately adjusting the die type based on range band.  Now one house
rule that we had added was the upper and lower limits of shifting.  If
upper limit was reached, then the other player took a number of die
down to accommodate the adjustments needed and vice versa until both
were reached, then you had ineffective fire.  (If you really want to
why we decided to do this, ask and I will give the big spiel.)

    So, the question:  What is correct?  Do we use a range die and the
quality die for the target, and only adjusting the range die, or is it
the range die?	It would seem to make sense to use two dice, otherwise
firer will always seem to get a higher score than the target...


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