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RE: GZG Fleet Rosters

From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:59:27 -0000
Subject: RE: GZG Fleet Rosters

>Been looking at these and I have a small request. Not being
>versed in Naval terminology, some of the 'short classification' codes
>are a bit obtuse to me. Is there any possibility someone could post a
>list of what the two letter codes mean?

IIRC they are nearly all on the FAQ - any omissions let me know

What are the common ship designations such as DD?
For real-world terrestrial ships the first letters are:

     F - Frigate
     D - Destroyer
     C - Cruiser or Carrier
     B - Battleship
     S - Submarine

Jane's lists the surface ship type abbreviations as (*non-Jane's):

     AD - Destroyer Tender
     AE - Ammunition Ship
     AEFS - Fleet Replenishment Ship
     AFS - Combat Stores Ship
     AG - Miscellaneous
     AGF - Miscellaneous Command Ship
     AG/FF - Frigate/FAC Support Ship
     AGOR - Oceanographic Research Ships
     AGS - Survey Ship
     AGM - Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
     AH - Hospital Ship
     AO - Oiler
     AOE - Fast Combat Support Ship
     AOF(L) - Large Fleet Tanker
     AOF(S) - Small Fleet Tanker
     AOR - Replenishment Oiler
     AOS - Support Tanker
     APA - Amphibious Transport
     AR - Repair Ship
     ARS - Salvage Ship
     AS - Submarine Tender
     ASR - Submarine Rescue Ship
     ATS - Salvage and Rescue Ship
     AVT - Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
     BB - Battleship
     BC * Battlecruiser
     BDN * Battle Dreadnought
     CA - Gun Cruiser
     CG - Guided Missile Cruiser
     CGH - Light Aircraft Carrier
     CGN - Guided Missile Cruiser (nuclear powered)
     CH * Heavy Cruiser
     CL - Light Cruiser
     CLT - Light Cruiser, Training
     CT * Corvette
     CV - Multi-Purpose Carrier
     CVA - Attack Carrier
     CVE * Escort Carrier
     CVH - Helicopter Carrier * Heavy Carrier
     CVL - Light Carrier
     CVN - Multi-Purpose Carrier (nuclear powered)
     CVS - Antisubmarine Warfare Carrier
     DD - Destroyer
     DG/DDG - Guided missile destroyer (including Surface-to-Air
     DH * Heavy/Super Destroyer
     DN * Dreadnought
     E * Escort
     FF - Frigate
     FFG - Guided Missile Frigate (including Surface-to-Air missiles)
     FFL - Light Frigate
     HSS - Helicopter Support Ship
     LCC - Amphibious Command Ship
     LHA - Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
     LHD - Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi-Purpose)
     LKA - Amphibious Cargo Ship
     LPD - Amphibious Transport Dock
     LPH - Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
     LSD - Dock Landing Ship
     LSI - Landing Ship, Infantry
     LSL - Landing Ship, Logistic
     LST - Tank Landing Ship
     MCM - Mine Countermeasure Ship
     ML - Minelayer
     MSO - Minesweeper, Ocean
     SDN * Super Dreadnought
     SC * Scout or Courier
     TCD - Landing Ship Dock


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