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Re: [DS] Micro Armour

From: Alan E and Carmel J Brain <aebrain@d...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:52:07 +1000
Subject: Re: [DS] Micro Armour

Donald Hosford wrote:

> I take it that there are rules sets for just about every taste?

Very much so.
> Any good sets for the WW2 period?  (My friend has a few german and
> ww2 micro armor tanks.)

Take a look at the WRG (Wargames Research Group)'s 1925-1950 rules set.
WRG have put out a total of 5 rules sets for micro-armour. The first was
the 1925-1950 rules set (version 1), way back in the early 70s. They
then made a 1950-1975 set, which was Modern/SF then (covered future
weapons), and which was used by various armed forces for training. It
used the same mechanics as their pervious set. They then made a
1950-1985 set, heavily re-vamped. Then a new 1925-1950 set, using
different rules mechanics which heavily emphasised _troop_ rather than
_technology_ capabilities. So US replacements straight from the Repple
Depple had less tactical flexibility than their "Alte Kameraden"
opponents, even if they did have more and better equipment. Finally,
ther released a 1950-2000 set, using the same mechanics as the 1925-1950
set. The join is seamless, so you can pit a Tiger vs a T-55, or even an
M-1, if you so desire.
But there are many more, and more popular, rules sets. Most USAians
dislike the WRG set as it rates the US Army in WW2 as being rather less
tactically flexible than they'd like - as bad as or worse than the UK.
To the "Serious Historian", it's accurate (but the "SH" knows what the
exceptions were - some US formations were at least as competent as the
average Wehrmacht force, others less so than most Italians).
In any event, I like playing with forces that aren't telephathic
supermen, where you have to decide upon a forming-up point, a line of
departure, make sure your troops don't become entangled, make sure
objectives and attack routes are easy to recognise etc. Others just find
the above frustrating and boring. The morale rules - rather than the
troop capabilities rules - are also flawed, as is the system for
deciding who's won. Despite this, IMHO the best system around. is a good
link for some other rules sets. Have a browse through some of the links
- they show summary data about the rules sets, and multiple reviews by
people who've actually played them a lot. (You'll find WRG under the
"Armour Skirmish" scale)

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