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RE: [DS] Micro Armour

From: Michael Brown <mwbrown@v...>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 06:50:01 -0800
Subject: RE: [DS] Micro Armour

As you said there are a number of options depending on taste.  1-1 scale
fine if you don't use more than a company of armor.   Due to the
distances tank 
and AT guns can fire, larger units need more space to maneuver.  Command

Decision and Spearhead use @ 1-5 scale for vehicles and players are
and Regimental commanders.  Both are reasonably well supported on the

Michael Brown

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From:	Donald Hosford
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Alan E and Carmel J Brain wrote:

> wrote:


> The rules question is complicated by the fact that under some sets, 1
> tank model = 1 tank (ie tactical scale), while in others it equals
> anything up to a battalion (operational). Oh yes, and the WW2 vs
> vs SF periods (DS-2 is but SF Microarmour)
> I prefer the tactical, and Wargames Research Group rules (flawed, but
> good simulation). Others prefer SpearHead, etc etc. See the Miniatures
> Page and look up the appropruate
> sections.
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I take it that there are rules sets for just about every taste?

Any good sets for the WW2 period?  (My friend has a few german and
ww2 micro armor tanks.)

Donald Hosford

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