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Fleet Engagements (was: Battle of Neu Bremen)

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 13:11:45 -0500
Subject: Fleet Engagements (was: Battle of Neu Bremen)

The talk of ambush reinforces the point that most fleet engagements will
around a specific objective (planets, space stations, jump points,

And it provides insight on how the different forces would use their

Consider an engagement between the NSL and FSE fleets. 

If FSE is the attacker, the NSL fleet would have to fight close to the
objective. Otherwise the FSE fleet (MD 6 and 4) would have the
maneuverability to fly around the NSL fleet (MD 4 and 2) to strike the

Likewise if the NSL is the attacker, to engage the FSE fleet, they would
have to threaten a valuable FSE resource (less mobile than the NSL
fleet) or
the FSE would avoid the NSL fleet.

Also, NSL ships have to be built tougher as they do not have the speed
flee an engagement. FSE fleets can choose to stand and fight, make
attacks, or disengage from battle at their discretion.

Because of the inability to make an escape, the NSL would probably be
prone to allow their ships to be reduced to scrap than the FSE who would
value retreating to fight another day. With the difference in hull
it might make a very big difference in the play (for example if a FSE
withdraws when the 3rd damage row starts to be checked off while the NSL
waits until the 4th row).

Game play is so different when campaign issues are taken into

I'm probably stateing the blindingly obvious, but there it is.

Brian Bell	

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