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Re: New guy (inertialess)

From: John Leary <john_t_leary@p...>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 13:52:59 -0800
Subject: Re: New guy (inertialess)

Jeff Miller wrote:

> Is this sub-light movement or FTL movement.
     This is sub light, the MCLM have a tandem synced FTL (acts like a
tug drive)
but have two FTL symbols on the SSD, either can 'jump' the ship after
the external
weapons are expended.	(The ship can also recover a damaged ship of the
same size
or smaller during combat exits.)    JTL
> That system is much more compatable with other FT movement systems
> technically, I'd call the movement "semi-inertialess."  The drive
system hides
> enough of the mass to allow it to manouver like crazy but retains
enough mass that
> it can thrust and still remain near inertail ships.
     OK.   It does work in the game very well, because it does have
limits.   JTL
> Jeff Miller
> Program Director/Webmaster for Agamemcon IV

Bye for now,
John L.

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