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Re: [FT] SMR's - Assault Squads

From: Michael T Miserendino <MTMiserendino@l...>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 9:52:00 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] SMR's - Assault Squads

>>> owner-gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU at internet 11/04/99 11:08PM >>>
While we're on the "missiles" topic, I've thought up other "loads" for

>Powered Armor Marines
>Instead of a warhead, SMR's may carry a Powered Armor assault team.
>Each PA trooper (and his shell of radar-and-shock-absorbing foam, plus
>penetration aids) rides a missile.  PDS fire doesn't necessarily kill
>the trooper but it does mean he misses his rendezvous with the target

They used a tactic like this in the movie "Star Crash" only each missile

carried a squad.  It was basically a one-way ride.  A slower lander-like

ship was used once in a B5 espisode.  I think this would be an
concept to try in FT given the normal docking/boarding procedure is a
difficult and seldom used.  For simplicity it might be good to just
off any lost from PDS fire as casualties.  Using such a tactic would 
possibly catch the opposing ship by surprise.  Give the boarding party
one extra die for rolling combat results on the first turn to account
the surprise attack.  This tactic would be an interesting style to add
to a 
race who might prefer close combat and possibly salvaging ships like

>Penetration Aid
>Each missile in this rack carries spoofers, jammers, radar targets,
>etc, to attract attention from PDS and help the "real" missiles get
>through.  Acts as a Screen-1 for all missiles within 6".  Reduce the
>effective radius by 1" for each missile hit by PDS fire.

Interesting idea.  In some ways SM fire simulates this as you might
think of 
it as a single missile with multiple warheads, like MRVs used in
missiles.  Some warheads are designed to impact for damage and others


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