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Re: anti fighter missiles

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 11:30:18 +1000
Subject: Re: anti fighter missiles

G'day guys,

Here's some rumblings from the deep (Derek):

With all this conversation about anti-fighter missile rules I thought I
would repost this, it comes from my house rules for MT missiles:

"Optional rule: If desired, players can use salvo missiles as a
missile defence. During the salvo missile launch phase, players
salvo missiles may, if desired, use a salvo to attack missiles. Nominate
that the salvo is being fired in anti missile mode and place the salvo
normal, within range and arc restrictions so it is within attack range
the target missile. During the point defence fire phase (phase 7) these
salvo missiles can attack the nearest missile within its attack range.To
resolve this attack roll 1D6-1 per salvo for the number of missiles on
target, if the final score is less than one then there are no missiles
target from that salvo and it's a clean miss. If there are missiles on
target roll a D6 and add that number of missiles to the score rolled, if
the final result is 6 or greater then the target missile is destroyed."

As you might guess this can be extended to include fighters as well, the
fighters can get a chance to secondary move out of the way, but they do
this at the cost of their endurance (CEF). To determine the how many
fighters are 'shot down', no change to the method described above. If
result is 6, one fighter killed, 7, two fighters, 8, three fighters and
so on.

Another option is for players to resolve the salvo missile anti
missile/fighter attacks immediately after placement of all salvo
in the LAUNCH SALVO MISSILES phase. This would preclude the fighter
getting their secondary move but allows the anti missile/fighter fire to
resolved in one phase (the LAUNCH SALVO MISSILE phase) and not broken up
before and after ship movement (less counters to track).

This is not as efficient as some of the anti-fighter SML PDS rules
suggested but it is a secondary function, you wouldn't want the SM to
the same level of effectiveness in a secondary backup mode as a
anti fighter/missile system.


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