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Re: anti fighter missiles

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 01:12:12 -0500
Subject: Re: anti fighter missiles

Beth Fulton wrote:
> G'day Roger,
> > How many PDS's with ADFC can you put
> >in 135 mass?  Make an Aegis cruiser and keep your ships within 
> > 6 inches.
> >As a matter of fact 90 mass of PDS's and ADFC's should easily handle
> >15 fighter groups.  If they have SML backups then the 135 might be
> >necessary if you don't dodge well.
> Actually Nathan already has a few of those, they're rather common 
> ship in this neck of the woods, however they're also the first to 
> die usually.

Good morning (here anyway).

We are starting to see a bit of that happening here, but the solution
seems to be to spread it out.  If everything bigger than a light
cruiser has large amounts of PDS's and everything bigger than a cruiser
has an ADFC it works out the same.  I just lost 8 fighter groups and
had almost 40 SM's knocked out (I always stage fighters and SM's for
the same time) on one turn.  The only reason I survived to run away
was because I did manage to get enough fighters and SM's to take out
a CVL which had waited too long to launch.

That brings up a question.  Can you recover fighters while warming
up FTL drives?	IE, announce drive warmup, move fighters, move ship
live through turn, recover fighters, next turn 1/2 move and FTL out.

Roger (Who still thinks the absolute best weapons in the game are
       beams, it's just SM's are fun. :)

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