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RE: New FT Ideas: The Kraelj Dampening Field / EMP Salvo Missile s

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 09:10:10 -0500
Subject: RE: New FT Ideas: The Kraelj Dampening Field / EMP Salvo Missile s

Seems a bit powerful, depending on range of the effect.
If the effect is short (6") this could work well (you would have to plan
your maneuvers well. If it is a longer range effect, I think that it
be too powerful.

Another option is to have it behave like an EMP missile effect. When
ship enters the effect, it must roll a d6 for each system. A roll of 4-6
indicates that the system is suppressed (cannot function) while in the
field. Each round the ship remains in the field, each _unaffected_
system is
rolled for.

I think that arming them with EMP/Needle weaponry might be a better fit. 

Here is yet another idea for a new system:

EMP Salvo Missiles:
Same as standard salvo missiles except: 
When missiles hit, no hull/armor damage is done. However, roll a
check for each system. The system roll must exceed the number of
that hit the ship (after reduction by PDS and misses) and a threshold
of 6 always avoids damage to the system. If more than one salvo of
hit, roll a threshold for each salvo.
Two salvos of EMP/SM missiles are targeted at point x,y,z. The nearest
is the Poorboy. Poorboy fires 3 PDS at salvo 1 and his escort Little
uses ADFC/PDSs to target the second salvo. The first salvo is reduced to
missiles. The second salvo is reduced to 1 missile. Of the 4 missiles of
first salvo, 3 hit Poorboy. Of the second salvo, the 1 missile hits. The
first salvo causes each system to roll a threshold roll. Each system
roll 4 or higher to avoid damaging the system. A second threshold roll
be made for each system due to the second salvo. However, on this roll
system needs only roll a 2+ to avoid damage.

Brian Bell	   

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> Subject:	New FT Ideas:  The Kraelj Dampening Field.
> Hello All:
>	I've been coming up with a new race for my own personal FT
> One alien power for my background is the Kraelj Community: A
> society made up of an insectile race who abhor violence.  Their small
> ships are armed with needle beams and equipped with high thrust
> One device that I am dreaming up is their Dampening Field:  An energy
> field that drains power from nearby ships, preventing them firing or
> maneuvering and protects it from fighters and missiles..
> Rules:
>	MASS: 10	COST:  30
> Against Ships:
>	The dampening field generates affects ships within a six inch
> of
> the generating vessel.  Any ship that ends it's movement in a field
> not fire during the combat phase nor can it use any thrust during the
> movement plotting phase in the next turn. (The ship will continue to
> drift along on it's current heading and velocity.)  It will remain
> way until the ship drifts outside of the field or the field is
> deactivated (either it is turned off or destroyed in a threshold
> check).  There is a  downside to the field:	Although it is insulated
> from the field's effects, it draws so much power that it also prevents
> the generating ship from using other weapons and/or maneuvering.  The
> generating ship must note that the field is activated in their orders.
> Against Fighters:
>	Any fighter group that ends up in a dampening field can not
> or
> move until it has somehow left the influence of the field.
> Against missiles:
>	SMB's can not attack ships that have an active dampening field. 

> Well, what do you guys think? Any comments or critiques?
> -- 
> Later,
> Mark A. Siefert
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