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From: devans@u...
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 06:46:16 -0600
Subject: Re: [OT] BFG AAR

> Given that I'll agree that the figs are well worth $5+ apiece,
> the rest of the box contents are acceptable for the $20 remaining.
WE have to pay 
£40, which is what $60. :(.

Er, eight figs at about $5 would be $40 plus $20 IS $60.

I've seen net offers at $42, but this was a case of me supporting
the local shop. Now, if I get a second copy, JUST for the ships...

Some of it is a little table heavy - the battery fire is a little too
complicated IMO - but it's generally a nice system, which is places is
startlingly similar to Another Game We Know Well.

Not to mention someone pointing out 'static' long and short ranges.
Still, I thought it worked much better than you'd have thought from
some of the anti-GW savaging it got on some

You don't have copyright over the name 'Nova Cannon' do you Jon? There
one in FT I think.

Definitely one in FT, but I could swear I'd heard the term before in
I know that it was designed after things like the Wave Motion gun, but
still think it's ringing another bell.

No real guidance involved but it really does encourage a torp equipped
to get behind an enemy. We did wonder about fighters though, they seemed
too easy to kill.

We had someone whining about the torps being to easy to avoid. Natch, he
shooting from across the table at the time; at long range, they're
you annoy the enemy with, close up you ruin their day. The 'reload'
makes 'em tough to bunch up enough to make a good cloud of 'em.

Same with the fighter/bombers. The turrets soak off, the fighters soak
so you have to have a large mass of them to be able to do damage. We hit
with one or two squadrons at a time, only to read more closely and
the above. Course, we also thought the 'two squadrons' meant two
not two launched. ;->=

We are going to pinch the scenario system for our FT games and the
system possibly too.

This is one area I have high hopes, also.

Our FT games are almost exclusively head-to-head meeting scenerios, and
know several folks bored at that.


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